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Seabright Terrace 2000

We live somewhere in Maryland. We have two wonderful sons, Brent and Vincent.

This site is somewhat like a photo-album, in several parts: One for us parents, one for Brent (updated 2/9/06), one for Vincent (updated 12/17/05), and one for some of our friends. Click on the picture of your choice in the navigation window on your left. There's also an area about 24-hours in Cyberspace a project we were involved with in 1996.

Autism Links
The Autism Picture Page
Oops Wrong Planet - Jypsy
Ray Kopp's page
John Wobus' "Autism Resources"
The Autism Link Page - Wouter Schenk
The Autism Portal Site in Belgium
MAAP Services, Inc. Asperger and Autism Information (replaced ASC-U.S.)
O.A.S.I.S. (Online Asperger Syndrome Information & Support)
A.A.C.C.A.S.A. Anne Arundel County (of Maryland) chapter of ASA
AACAPS - Anne Arundel County (of Maryland) Asperger Support Group
The ARC of Anne Arundel County
Myths about autism (among other great stuff on that page)
  Interesting Links to other places


More Links
early 1999 on Skogan

Camp Greentop

Kamp AKomPlish

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