Brent, Vincent, and Barry

Pictures from 24 Hours In Cyberspace

These pictures were taken during a 4.5 hour session on February 8th, 1996 for the "24-hours in Cyberspace" project. 24-hours in Cyberspace produced a web site and a published photo book. Our story is Online Lifeline in their Human Touch category.

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- Vincent (6 year old with PDD) winds the cooking timer, to the dismay of big brother Brent (11 year old and autistic). Closer on the table is a Lego creation by Vincent and the Fisher Price toy camera that he followed Michael Bryant (the photographer) around with most of the evening.

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- Brent LOVES to be spun around on his rear-end. He leans back a little and has me (or whomever else will cooperate) apply the motion. Brent's recently lost tooth is evident in this shot. I like the way my wife has decorated the room, too.

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- Here's Brent getting VERY excited during bath time. He can do a fair job of washing most of himself, but still relies on cues for doing most of it. By this time, the stress of having an unfamiliar person with us all evening was showing. What may look like bubbles coming out of the bath is actually WATER. The floor and I got soaked that night.

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- Just about my favorite part of the day lies just between the end of Brent's bath, and the beginning of helping him dry off. He's a little more physically affectionate these days, but until recently, just about the only affection Brent displayed was during this event of the day. It's a tradition that he initiates, last between 30 seconds and 10 minutes... and I LOVE it.

Photographs by Michael Bryant

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